Americana & Rock N Roll.

The New Single Betty Don’t is Out Now!

Download or Stream


Betty Don’t is Chris’s 1st single release since last years single Worlds Gone To $h!t.  More touring lays ahead in support off this single including festival & headline appearances.

A purveyor of authenticity, Chris Madden seeks to deliver a sense of musical integrity in any live setting. Whether its original or cover music, acoustic or electric in small pubs or festivals, Chris aims to draw in the audience with a mixture of musical ingenuity and a workmanlike approach to showmanship.

Released on March 9th, Chris’ debut EP, Crazy Bars & Fast Cars, was released to acclaim from press outlets such as Maverick Magazine (hailing Chris’ versatility as an artist) and Downtown Radio who drew particular attention to the EP’s “amazing” second single, ‘Danced in the Dirt.’ The accompanying video, released on June 11th, has garnered further acclaim, debuting at No.4 on CM&T’s international monthly music chart.  

Known for lengthy and energetic performances with his unique blend of alt-country and rock ‘n’ roll, Chris has toured constantly both as a solo act and with a band.  He has performed everywhere from pubs and clubs to 500 seater venues as well as on radio and has accumulated over 300 shows in a few years.


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