Northern Irish Americana

Singer – Songwriter
Play’n Country & Rock N Roll in most Honkytonks, Dive Bars & Watering Holes


Born Christmas Eve 89, in South Derry, Ireland; Chris was raised on a strict diet of Heartland rock & Country music, with artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Dwight Yokham, Hal Ketchum & CCR on constant rotation.

Chris’s first love was Rugby, which he played through is teen years, while playing rugby, Chris started learned to play guitar & write songs, and before long he was playing in cover bands in local bars.

Chris’ debut EP, Crazy Bars & Fast Cars, was released in 2015 to acclaim from National press outlets such as Maverick Magazine (hailing Chris’ versatility as an artist) and Downtown Radio who drew particular attention to the EP’s “amazing” second single, ‘Danced in the Dirt.’ The accompanying video, released on June 11th, has garnered further acclaim, debuting at No.4 on CM&T’s international monthly music chart.  

This release was followed by the single “Worlds Gone To $h!t” which as well as becoming a live staple drew more acclaim from local press such as ‘Chordblossom’ and ‘Gigging NI’,  praising his fresh perspective and willingness to stick to his own brand of country rock.  

Another fan favourite “Betty Don’t” was released in 2018 & gained Chris his first play on BBC Radio and was followed by extensive touring throughout Ireland, including festivals & opening slots for Niamh Kavanagh & The Illegals.  

Chris will be releasing his new single Jack Daniels & Me on September 21st.

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