Betty Don’t – Single (Reviews)

A fusion of Country & Rock with catchy lyrics, definitely nailed that contemporary sound.

– John Kerr – BBC Radio Ulster –

Worlds Gone To $h!t – Single (Reviews)

The thing I like about Chris Madden is that he really doesn’t give a $h!t. He plays his own brand of raucous Country Rock and makes no apologies for it.  The guitar is raw, the vocals are a drawl, the lyrics are a hoot…and yet strangely true. At a time when Country & Western is the biggest selling music on this island, it would be very easy for him to slick back his hair, tone down the swears, and rock like a wagon wheel.  Thank $h!t he doesn’t.

– Al Gilmore – Chordblossom –

This ain’t your daddy’s country music!  A gritty synthesis of country twang and rock’s “telling it like it is” attitude.  Brings to mind the whiskey soaked, smoky, honkey tonks of days gone by, but at the same time bringing a fresh perspective.

– Noelle Ellis – Gigging NI –

Crazy Bars & Fast Cars – EP (Reviews)

With a promising EP & thoughtful lyrics, Chris is a versatile artist that is hard to ignore

– Verity Moore – Maverick Magazine –

An exceptional EP, old school yet youthful, with songs ranging from foot tapping energetic tunes to mellow and emotional melodies, covering all areas of Alt. Country and Rock & Roll

– Chantelle Frampton – GiggingNI –

Crazy Bars & Fast Cars – Single (Reviews)

Crazy Bars & Fast Cars is a song somewhere between Garth Brooks & Nickelback, in terms of atmosphere & style, & is a promising beginning for Chris Madden

– Al Gilmore – Chordblossom –

Love the feel of Crazy Bars & Fast Cars

– Ward Thomas –

Danced In The Dirt – Single (Review)

Chris Madden’s new single Danced In The Dirt sounds amazing

– Downtown Country Radio –

Danced In The Dirt is an emotionally composed tune with a profuse country vibe, an exceptional track

– Kelly Thompson – GiggingNI –

Danced In The Dirt is still one of my favourite go to tunes, Chris has an amazing authentic rawness to his voice which I love.

– MC Star Promotions –

A refreshing new single from Chris Madden

– Country Music Central –

Chris Madden Live Reviews

Great look and stage presence & all round very competent singer & musician

– John Kearns – U105 –

Great stage presence, with unique performances, look forward to hearing some original music.

– Gary Myles – Cool FM –

Though still a young man, Chris is a veteran of the local pubs & clubs, with a wildly stylised slice of Country Rock.

– Al Gilmore – Chordblossom

Great band, well worth seeing

– Frank Eddie’s Bar –


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