About Chris

Singer – Songwriter,
Play’n Country & Rock N Roll in most Honkytonks, Dive Bars & Watering Holes

Released on March 9th, 2015, Chris’ debut EP, Crazy Bars & Fast Cars, was released to acclaim from press outlets such as Maverick Magazine (hailing Chris’ versatility as an artist) & the title track being featured in BBCNI’s program “Love In A Day”.  Downtown Radio drew particular attention to the EP’s “amazing” second single, ‘Danced in the Dirt’ & the accompanying video managed to debut at No.4 on CM&T’s international monthly music chart.  This release was followed up with the 2017 single “Worlds Gone To $h!t” which as well has becoming a live staple drew more acclaim from local press such as Chorblossom & Gigging NI, in particular praising his fresh perspective & willingness to stick to his own brand off country rock.  More new music is expected this year from Chris with his new song Jack Daniels & Me due for release on September 21st.